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Sheepmatters is an independent sheep advisory service business. Our key objective is to identify what is important for better productive gains for your business.

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Animal Health

We work with you to establish a preventative management program. We understand parasitology, fertility, nutrition and energy requirements. We will tailor-make a program for your operation!

Proactive preventative management is always better



A tool that sits next to eID for pedigree is SmartShepherd. To get pedigree we use the phenotypic maternal behaviour of the ewe. SmartShepherd is an affordable tool for all sheep breeders!

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Sheepmatters fills the awareness and application void between the eID industry and you! Gain confidence in electronic identification (eID)! We can provide the hardware, software and know how to implement your eID program.

Consider individual sheep merit not mob based merit.


Sheepmatters can collect and analyse data for individual animals. Using this data we can help you understand what drives production in your sheep breeding program and make decisions accordingly.

Let us help you get the most benefit out of your data!

R&D and Adoption

We are continually involved in Research and Development. Examples of our programs include; The Efficient Ewe, The Exclusion Feeding Trial and
The Trace Element Reproduction Trial.

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Products and Affiliates

We are a reseller of Gallagher eID equipment and Farmbot remote monitoring solutions. Our clients also get access to a number of product and service discounts from time to time through our affiliated partners.

We will help you get value for money!

Sheepmatters is the exclusive distributor of SmartShepherd in Australia!

We have an accredited national network of service providers to help you.
SmartShepherd measures Maternal Pedigree. The SmartShepherd System is an alternative to genomic testing and traditional mothering up. It is more accurate than traditional mothering up and far more cost effective than genomic testing.

SmartShepherd on a mob of lambs
SmartShepherd Pods
SmartShepherd Lambs and Ewes


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