Our Services

Client's matter, we regard them as business partners.

On-farm services. Sheepmatters begins with with an initial on-farm visit to understand the breeding objectives and priorities of your enterprise. We will identify what is important for better productive gains for your business. You will receive a full realistic report of what we see as potential areas for improvement. An example of an on-farm service package; advice on preventative management, sheep nutrition, genetics, an eID program and so on. Most importantly, we tailor-make a service to fit your operation’s needs and budget. We will work with you to determine how many days we need to come on farm to implement your recommended program. We want you to make money!  Contact Us Today

Off-farm services. Do you need some off-farm advice and support for your sheep business? We provide advice and support via phone, email, SMS, Skype and MMS. Communication is key.  Find Out More

All levels of service include access to our online members library of information, our client-only e-newsletter, group deals and our client-only information day.