Stockhelp Sheepmatters Dog Training School

With determination in their eyes and a willingness to learn, Sheepmatters clients took on the on-set of the first true winter conditions at Stockhelp's head quarters, just out of Young, NSW.
For two packed days Angus Waddell from Stockhelp, challenged each of the 9 participants and their livestock dogs, to become a partnership, while working on setting the boundaries in which the dogs can work in.
By the end of the 2nd day we had all the participants fully understanding that for a productive day in the yards or in the paddock, you must set the boundaries with the dog ,and let them know that you are the Alpha male.
All Sheepmatters clients came away from the school, with a new appreciation of dog and livestock handling, but most importantly had a bigger appreciation of how they approached their dog handling is extremely important to a successful day with the dog(s) and livestock.

Sheepmatters participants at the Stockhelp Dog Training School

Angus took all the students back to basics in understanding how the parameters are set, with respect shown by the dog(s) to its owner. As the journey of understanding dog, livestock and owner handling went on, you could clearly see what a difference in the owners attitude had become to their dog(s) and how much more well behaved the dogs were to their owners!

Angus Waddell of Stockhelp going over some finer points of good dog handling

All this was achieved while the cold 50km winds constantly battered us with a smattering of sleety rain! But thanks to Angus making sure we were switched on,and Sarah Waddell keeping us warm internally with hot drinks, homemade muffins and BBQ's, our focus did not wavier.

Angus Waddell of Stockhelp showing Craig Rodham the skill of "driving" his dog.

Sheepmatters and Stockhelp are looking forward to more dog and livestock schools in the future.
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