Pregnancy Scanner Handler


George Sims of U Scan Services has launched his new sheep scanning crate.

This crate is not just your ordinary crate, it has a grab in which it can hold the sheep.This enables accurate pregnancy scanning and the sheep can also be weighed. If the sheep has an RFID tag the pregnancy status will be recorded automatically on specific software in which the file can be emailed to the owner. With the sheep fertility status identified it can be drafted  off 5 ways which are controlled by air.

All the software and hardware is linked by blue tooth, meaning no messy cables.

Also, as the scanning crate can also hold the sheep, any activity can be completed  at the front of the sheep, such as drenching, vaccinating, putting in a ear tag etc.

An excellent advance forward in the management of sheep. Well done George.

For any more information contact George at U Scan or call him on 0408 494 834

Open the short video below to watch the pregnancy crate handler which was recently displayed at the SRS Open Day at Wellington, NSW.

Pregnancy Scanning Handler Pregnancy Scanning Handler (9392 KB)