Australian Farm Survey


For a detailed profile of the financial performance of farm businesses in the livestock, grains and dairy industries from 2011-12 to 2013-14 download the recently released Australian Farm Survey Results (2 MB).

 Farm cash income for sheep farms is expected to average $71,000 for 2013-14, which is 25% above the 10 year average of $57,000 per farm. 

The report also covers long term analysis, including an average productivity increase of only 0.1% per annum for sheep farms over the last 35 years, compared to productivity increases of 1.6% per annum for cropping over the same time period. In addition, the report demonstrates the benefit of superior business performance over time with the top 25% of broadacre farms achieving a return of 5.9% (excluding capital appreciation) over the last 20 years, compared to 1.1% for the average broadacre farm. 

Research shows that most farm businesses exhibiting high levels of financial performance relative to their peers continue to do so over the medium-term. This indicates enormous scope for most broadacre farms to significantly improve returns through better management.

Click on link to download report. 

Australian Farm Survey Results Australian Farm Survey Results (1366 KB)